Behind the Gate of Granada c16th century.

Product Code: Behind the Gate of Granada c16th century.
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Medium: Mixed
Canvas Size: 297mm x 420mm
Material: 300g Paper
Framed/Unframed: Unframed

This depiction behind the gate of Granada shows the demolition of one of the towns 4 mosques, which once stood near, what is now Calle Carniceria ( Butcher Street ), in fact the tower nearest the gate was named Tower of the Butchers.
None of this scene remains today.

All of the prints in this collection are individually signed and numbered by the artist, with a limit of 250 prints per print.
Accurately detailed, with the help and advise of renown local historian Salvador Raya Retamero, this collection of 7 prints perfectly recreates how this, once walled city, appeared during the 16th century.